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​Hazardous waste can be something of a minefield at the best of times.  HazExperts aim to make the whole process of hazardous waste management simple whilst ensuring the utmost compliance at all times.  Almost every business produces hazardous waste in some way shape or form.  Hazardous waste is defined as any form of waste that is or may be harmful to human health, the environment or indeed both.  

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A Complete Management Service From Start To Finish

Utilising our list of approved and accredited disposal sites across the United Kingdom, we can have your waste assessed, packed and transported to one of these sites with the minimal amount of fuss.  We can dispose of small or large consignments of hazardous waste; from 1 drum to full chemical waste disposal projects.  We also dispose of liquid waste from food waste, macerator clearances, interceptor waste, liquid glycol collections right through to sewage collections.  Our vehicles are able to carry non-dangerous loads aswel as ADR (Dangerous Goods), both in pallets and drums and also tankers.  Our tanker services can be used to collect liquid waste such as waste oil, interceptor waste or sewage, right through to dangerous loads such as petrol, corrosive liquids or other dangerous substances

We Ensure You Stay Compliant When Disposing Of Your Waste

As part of our complete service, all paperwork is provided by ourselves, completed by the collecting driver, and then completed again at the licenced disposal site.  We will then send a copy of this completed note to you for you to update your records.  A paper audit is available for the complete journey of the waste from producer to disposal site - this can be returned to you in digital form as soon as it is accepted into the disposal site

Serving Just About Every Industry And Sector In The UK

We serve all types of industries and businesses, from schools, airports, distribution centres, transport networks, hospitals, offices, farms, right through to domestic customers.  Whatever your requirements are, HazExperts can generate a solution for you.  Whether you run an office needing a clearance of electrical waste (WEEE), a garage that needs to dispose of engine waste or paint waste or even a college, school or hospital needing to dispose of some clinical or chemical waste, HazExperts can definitely help you.

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Contact a member of our team today to find out how HazExperts can help you stay compliant and offer you the best options when it comes to your hazardous waste collection requirements. Be safe in the knowledge that you will be dealing with a fully complaint and knowledgeable company who will offer the best solution for your waste disposal needs whilst also ensuring it is the best solution for our environment. For more information call us on 0333 880 6991 or email us at info@HazExperts.co.uk

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