Drummed Liquid Waste

Drummed Liquid Waste

HazExperts collect just about all varieties of drummed liquid waste. 


This can range from waste fuel, waste paint, oil, spray booth waste, chemicals, foodstuffs and much more.

All of the drums provided by ourselves for liquid waste are bung topped which is a solid drum with an insulated bung cap in the top to secure the waste from escaping the drum.  We also provide UN approved drums for dangerous goods like fuels, paint and various chemicals

We can provide drums on a contracted exchange basis or provide them ad-hoc to perform a one-off collection.

All waste is classified before hand to ensure it will be transported and disposed of in the correct and compliant way.  All paperwork is provided and completed by ourselves and then by our approved disposal site.  Upon completion of the paperwork, we can then send a copy back to you for your records and auditing purposes

To talk to some about having you drummed liquids collected, simply email  info@hazexperts.co.uk and someone will be glad to help you

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