Waste Bin Collection Service

HazExperts waste bin collection service
Every business has a duty of care to uphold when it comes to disposing of the waste the organisation generates
HazExperts can provide you with a bin to help you segregate your wastes.  Our bins come in a variety of sizes from the smallest 240ltr right through to the most popular, and largest 1100ltr version.
We can take a variety of wastes including General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR), glass, card and waste food.  These wastes are placed and stored in our branded bins ready for our transport provider to empty them on a schedule basis tailored to your business needs.
From your business, the waste is transported to a treatment facility nearby where the waste is sorted into reusable commodities and then sent further on its way to being life as a new product.  This underlines one of our prime objectives of sending 0% of our waste streams to landfill.
Our collection services run daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.  In order to obtain an indicative quote, simply select your options below.  HazExperts are proud to be one of the few companies to display their prices online.  All of our prices include the disposal, waste transfer notes (the legal bits!) and bin rental.  All of our bin contracts are for a minimum of 12 months
If you would like to discuss your options, arrange a site audit or would like some further information, please just get in touch via telephone on 08453 881429 or via email at info@hazexperts.co.uk
  • from £43.90

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