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Waste Glycol Collections Services

During the colder months every airline needs to rely on the services of their ground crew to ensure that their aircraft are adequately de-iced prior to take off.

With the average winter temperature in the UK getting colder, the need to de-ice planes more frequently is rapidly increasing.  As crews de-ice the aircraft, the chemical runs off the surface areas of the fuselage or wingtips onto the ground.  It is here that ground "sweepers" swing into action to collect the excess fluids before it runs into the drainage systems of the airport.

This is where HazExperts come in - most airports take the excess glycol or de-icer from the apron to a mains holding tank.  HazExperts then have the ability to come to site, at short notice if required, to pump the liquid from your tank to our bulk tanker, and take it away for disposal.  All paperwork is included within our glycol collection ensuring you are legally compliant and know exactly what is happening to your waste glycol.

All you need to do is monitor the waste glycol tank level and when it is becoming increasingly full, simply let us know and we can be on site to empty it for you ready for the process to begin again.

Whats more, the waste glycol doesnt just have to be in a tank for us to collect it from your site.  We collect waste glycol from airports in IBCs, drums and bunds

We can service all airports within the UK and have a network of licenced and compliant disposal sites across the UK.

To discuss your waste glycol requirements, simply drop us an email at info@hazexperts.co.uk and someone will be in touch shortly

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