About Us

Welcome to HazExperts, a wholly owned company specialising in the management and disposal of all aspects of hazardous & difficult waste. 

Whether it be tankers full of oil or pallets of chemicals to be disposed of, HazExperts specialise in the assessment, the transport and the disposal of all waste.

Formed and launched in January 2019 we offer "fresh eyes" on how business should be done in the hazardous waste industry. Based on our experience within the industry we are sure we can offer you a more streamline alternative when disposing of your hazardous waste.

Unlike most waste carrier broker companies, we decide where your waste goes - the only part we broker out on a daily basis is the transport element of the job.  We always know where your waste is at all times and we can have auditable paperwork to show this.  Again, unlike most brokers, we have our own in-house DGSA who can come to site and assess the waste you have to be removed

We like to think that you can have all the services you require, under one roof.  That is why we have an inbuilt store on our website where you can purchase all items from IBCs to drums and from ADR labels and placards to full ADR driver kits.  Disposing of hazardous waste can at times be difficult, tied with legislation, ensuring you have the right paperwork or even if the waste can be disposed of at all.  With HazExperts, we can guide you through the whole process from start to finish and ensure that the disposal has a full audit trail for your records.

HazExperts operate across the UK and have an approved list of hauliers and disposal sites located all over the country.  This gives us the upper hand from our competitors to find you the most logical, economical and compliant solution for your waste.

To discuss your waste requirements, please email us at info@hazexperts.co.uk and we will be in touch shortly
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