Fluorescent Light Tube Recycling

Fluorescent Light Light Tube Coffin

Fluorescent light tubes are common in most offices and commercial properties up and down the land. 

However when it comes upgrades and renovations, you need to be sure that you are disposing of these fluorescent light tubes in the correct way.

Fluorescent light tubes are hazardous due to their mercury content.  The mercury content from one single light tube can pollute 30,000ltrs of water beyond the point of safe consumption.

Although hazardous, virtually all of a fluorescent light tube can be recycled, fro the glass through to the electrical components.  That is where we come in.

We can arrange to have a container, referred to as a coffin, delivered to your site for you to safely store these fluorescent light tubes in.  Once the coffin is full, we will arrange to have the coffin collected and the contents disposed of at one of our approved disposal site.

All paperwork is completed to record the movement of the waste for you auditing purposes.  We can even leave you a replacement container behind for the process to begin again.

To find out more about our fluorescent light tube recycling service, just drop us an email at info@hazexperts.co.uk and someone will be glad to help

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