Waste Redundant Fuel Collections

Waste Redundant Fuel Collection  & Disposal

If your organisation produces redundant fuel that you need to have disposed then you are in the right place.

Using ADR vehicles we can have your redundant waste fuel collected and transported to one of our approved and licenced disposal sites in the UK.​

We collect many types of redundant fuel from Diesel, race fuel, petrol, to a mixture of oil and petrol toll.

Depending on the volume of the fuel and what it is mixed with, we could potentially even give you a rebate for your waste fuel

We have the ability to collect either via a small 13000ltr capacity tanker or an articulated 26000ltr capacity tanker.

All paperwork is provided by ourselves and you can rest assured that your waste redundant fuel is being safely transported and disposed of in a compliant way

If you would like to speak to someone about your waste fuel disposal requirements or if you would like further information, simply email us at info@hazexperts.co.uk

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