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Does your business generate small amounts of waste that causes you a large headache when it comes to arranging disposal?

Introducing our newest service, THE COSHH BOX. Designed specifically with you in mind. Boasting a load capacity of 77ltrs, this UN Approved box can house a range of wastes without having to worry about segregation and without having larger storage containers taking up room at your premises.

Our COSHH BOX is available to your business on 3 tariffs, each coming with a single manageable monthly subscription. That subscription includes all paperwork and duty of care notices, which prove that you have complied in your legal responsibilities when disposing of your waste.

The stackable boxes would suit hotels, mobile engineers, garages, schools & universites and field technicians to name but a few

The types of wastes that can be placed in our COSHH BOX include but are not limited to:

Non-Foaming Aerosols

Cleaning Detergents

Paint Tins

Adhesives & Sealants

Small Oil Containers

Oil Filters

Fuel Filters

Oil Contaminated Solids

Empty Tins Containing Hazardous Residues

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