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Coshh box small waste disposal hazbox

Check out our COSHH Box subscription plans below.  All plans are for 12 months and are available for a manageable monthly fee

Simply choose a plan depending upon how much waste your business would generate over the next 12 months. The higher the volume of waste, the higher plan you should choose. A distinct advantage of our plans is that there are no hidden extras, meaning you can budget for how much you will spend on your waste for the coming year.
The monthly subscription fee includes all paperwork, licneced disposal of the waste, transport and a replacement box being left behind.  There are no hidden extras, other than those displayed in the terms and conditions below.
     COSHH Box subscription gold plan £65.00 per month small waste disposal                                                     COSHH Box Silver Plan from £45.00 per month | Small Waste Collection                                                  COSHH Box Bronze Plan from £25.99 oer month | Small waste collection
 THE GOLD PLAN                                     THE SILVER PLAN                                 THE BRONZE PLAN
 Cost Per Mth: £65.00                                Cost Per Mth: £45.00                               Cost Per Mth: £25.00
 Collections Per Yr: 3                                  Collections Per Yr: 2                                 Collections Per Yr: 1

Terms & Conditions:
  1. COSHH Box plans are activated upon the completion of a subscription contact.
  2. COSHH Boxes delivered within 2-3 working days of agreement activation
  3. Wastes placed inside COSHH Box must be on the approved waste lists - A list will be sent to you along with your contract agreement
  4. Wastes placed in COSHH box not on the approved waste list will be surcharged
  5. Total weight of waste (including box) must not exceed 30kg
  6. Excess weight will be surcharged at £1.95 per kg with a minimum charge of 5 kg.
  7. No collections are permitted within the first 30 days of agreement commencement
  8. All plans have allocated collections to be spread out over the year.  These depend upon the plan you have selected.
  9. Additional lifts outside of your plan will be charged at £165.00 excl. vat.
  10. Each collection involves HazExperts coming to site, collecting the full box and leaving an empty one behind for the process to start again.
  11. When a collection takes place, an inventory of the contents will be noted by our driver - a copy is left with you, the waste producer.
  12. All subscribers must have an active trade account with HazExperts
  13. All account holders only subscribing to our COSHH box plans MUST complete a direct debit mandate
  14. Returned or refused direct debits attract an administration charge of £15.00
  15. All agreements must be correctly completed and signed by an authorised representative of the customer in order for the agreement to commence

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