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Aerosol cans are pressurised containers and are deemed to be hazardous waste. 

Many businesses generate aerosol waste and they can consist of spray paint, spray adhesive, solvents and many more.
Aerosols of this type are not only hazardous, but they are also dangerous for transport and are classified under ADR regulations.  This is why it is not only critical to store waste aerosols correctly but also have them transported correctly too.
Hazexperts can provide a UN approved drum for you to store your waste aerosols in and then when that is full then we can collect it for you or have it exchanged for an empty one for the process to begin again.  We can also have your aerosol drum collected on a schedule, taking the hassle out of you having to worry about booking it in for collection.
With all waste aerosol collections, Hazexperts will provide all of the relevant paperwork, including waste transfer notes and EA consignment notes detailing the correct dangerous goods details.  Once the disposal has been completed we can send you the paperwork for you to keep for your auditing records
To talk to someone about your waste aerosols, simply email us at and someone will be glad to assist you
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