Septic Tank Sewage Collection

Septic Tank Sewage Collection

Septic tank Cesspit sewage empty service

Sewage Tank, Septic Tank, Cesspit Emptying service across the UK

HazExperts offer a UK wide service to empty your septic tank or other sewage system.  Households and other properties that are not on the main sewage supplies need to rely on the maintenance and regular emptying of their tank.

Failure to maintain or empty a tank on a regular basis could lead to waste backing up and creating a nasty smell or in worse cases, the unexpected appearance of effluent waste.

HazExperts can come to your property and empty your sewage tank, cesspit or septic tank with the minimal amount of fuss. We can usually be in and out of your site in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.

All paperwork is provided so you have an accurate record of the amount of waste taken and when the tank was last serviced.

We also offer a jetting service to eliminate any blockages in your pipe system.  This involves HazExperts inserting a high pressure hose into the pipe system to dislodge any blockage using high pressure water.  We can also insert a specially adapted camera into your pipe system to view for any problems or any potential issues you tank system may have

Note: Vehicles carry around 30 mtrs of pipe.  If you require more than this due to the positioning between your tank and the vehicle, please be sure to add this below.  For more than 60mtrs, a support vehicle will be required.  Please contact us prior to booking

If you would like any further information on our sewage emptying, cesspit or septic tank emptying service or our high pressure jetting & CCTV services, please email us at

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