COSHH BOX - Small Waste Box For Businesses

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Ideal for businesses that generate small amounts of hazardous waste. Our COSHH BOX is designed just for you. A simple, straight forward service that allows you to place hazardous waste into the box and keep it safe and secure.

This 77ltr box allows for up to 30kg of waste - an ample amount for businesses wishing to dispose of their hazardous waste in a legally compliant way.

Our COSHH BOX service is based on a manageable monthly subscription making it perfect for budgetting for your waste disposal

The box can take wastes such as:

Small Oil Cans
Water Based Paint
Solvent Based Paint
Oil Filters
And much more

The COSHH BOX is ideal for Garages, Hotels, Retail Shops, Mobile Engineers and Field Technicians to name a few.

To find out how our COSHH BOX can help your business, call us on 0333 8806991 or email

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