How To Safely Dispose of Fluorescent Light Tubes

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Fluorescent Light Tube recycling service hazexpertsFluorescent Light Tube recycling service hazexperts
Across the country, hundreds of thousands of fluorescent light tubes are installed in offices, schools, warehouses, tanning studios and hospitals to name but a few, every year!
Whilst we rely on these lights when we all go about our day to day activities, one of the beauties of the lighting strips is that when they are spent or no longer working, they can simply be swapped out for a new one. Great!
So you have changed the annoyingly flashing faulty light above one of your workers desks, again GREAT! But what are you going to do with that faulty light?  How are you going to store it safely?  How are you then going to dispose of it - it is too big to go in a conventional bin after all!
In case you were wondering, Fluorescent light tubes are classed as hazardous waste and need to be collected by a licenced waste carrier and recycled at a licenced facility.
Fluorescent light tubes contain mercury, and the mercury from one single light tube is enough to pollute 30000 litres of water past the "fit for consumption" point.  It is essential that these tubes are stored safely to prevent breakages or damages and that they are then treated and disposed of in the correct way.
HazExperts has all bases covered here!  We offer a simple service where we can provide a container (comically referred to as a coffin - well because it looks a bit like one to be honest) for you to fill, at your leisure.  Once the coffin is full or you have finished with it, we can come and collect it.  We can also leave another coffin behind if you wish for you to fill again.
We provide all of the paperwork so you can prove to any auditors that you have disposed of the light tubes in the correct and compliant manner.
If you would like to discuss how HazExperts can help your organisation dispose and recycle fluorescent light tubes in the correct way, simply give us a call on 08453 881429 or email us at

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