Domestic Fridge Freezer Recycling Service


Domestic Fridge & Freezer Recycling Service

  • Why Choose HazExperts For Your Domestic Fridge & Freezer Collection?

    HazExperts pride themselves on a high level of customer service.  We serve many businesses across the region, complying with the legal minefields of the hazardous waste industry and after many enquiries, we want to help domestic customers!

    All of the waste we collect is recorded digitally from when it is collected through to when it is disposed of at our disposal sites.  As soon as the waste is collected, our customers receive a notification email and as soon as it is disposed of, they receive another one.  This complies with our legal duty of care as a responsible waste management company and also reassures our customers that their waste will be collected and treated in a compliant and environmentally friendly manner

    We offer a free text service alerting our customers that a vehicle is on its way to collect adding to the personal service experience.

    Why is this service not free?

    A common question we get asked - the truth is, we would love it to be free - however we cannot dispose of your fridges in the correct manner without incurring a charge.  Fridges and freezers contain environmentally harmful gases referred to as CFC or HFC gases, this is what makes the waste hazardous.  These need to be treated in the correct manner, both from a legislative and environmentally friendly perspective. 

    NOTE:  We cannot collect a fridge without a compressor still attached.  We will also NOT collect fridge/freezer units that are contaminated with foodstuffs or other perishable goods

    What will happen to my fridge or freezer?

    The compressors from the units are removed and any valuable materials such as aluminium and copper are removed along with any remain harmful refrigerant gasses.  The main fridge carcass is then loaded onto a conveyor belt, passing through a vacuum chamber to ensure there a no remaining refrigerant gasses, before finally being shredded. The shredded material does not have a great deal of recycling potential and can quite often be recycled into products such as plant pots.

    Choose HazExperts and be assured that your Fridge or Freezer is being collected and processed by a licence waste carrier.

    Please Note:  Please ensure you select the correct product below.  American fridges are large, wide double doored units.  If you are unsure, please contact us

    If you are disposing of a domestic unit from a business premises - VAT will be applicable.  An Environment Agency Consignment Note Fee of £35.00 will also be added.  To book a domestic unit collection from a business premises, please CLICK HERE

    • from £45.00

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