Antifreeze & Coolant Disposal | Waste Antifreeze Disposal

Antifreeze collection coolant disposal waste antifreeze disposal

Antifreeze & Coolant Disposal

This service is open to all sectors that use antifreeze either in their businesses production or operation.  Waste antifreeze and coolant can be harmful to the environment and must be disposed of in a compliant and safe manner.

HazExperts can offer this service either in drums or in bulk via a tanker.

We can offer containers which are perfect to store your waste antifreeze or coolant in whilst it is waiting for collection  when the containers are full we can simply come to your site and swap the containers for new ones and take the waste antifreeze and coolant away for you.

All of the waste antifreeze and coolant that we collect is safely transported to an authorised treatment facility where it is treated and recycled.

If you would like more information on how HazExperts can help your business when dealing with waste antifreeze and coolant - give us a call on 0333 880 6991 or alternatively email us on and one of our team will be happy to assist you

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