Liquid Food Waste Collections Liverpool

Liquid Food Waste Collections

HazExperts prides itslef in the versatility of the waste streams available for disposal, liquid food waste is no exception for our customers in Liverpool.

We can come to your site in Liverpool, whether it be a small food court or a multi-complex shopping centre in Liverpool to collect your liquid food waste.  We have the ability to serve food macerators and external holding tanks for liquid food waste.

Liquid food waste can be collected using a smaller rigid tanker capable of carrying up to 13000ltrs of waste or we can use the larger 26000ltr capacity tanker - all liquid food waste that is collected from your site in Liverpool, is then taken to one of our approved, licenced disposal sites for processing .  From here the liquid food waste is treated and where possible transformed into biogas or other renewable energy

We can service your food court or shopping centre in Liverpool  on an adhoc or scheduled basis.  All you need to do is monitor the level of your liquid food waste tank and as soon as it starts to become too full, simply give us a call and we can empty it for you, sometimes even at short notice.

This service is available to businesses in and around the Liverpool area

If you would like to discuss your liquid food waste requirements in Liverpool with us, simply email and someone will get back to you or you can call our team on 0333 880 6991

 Fun fact of the day:  One Kilogram of food waste is enough to charge a phone for up to 79hrs!!

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