Packaged Food Manufacturing Waste Disposal Bury St Edmonds

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Packaged Food Waste, Rejected Products, Expired Products From Food Manufacturing in Bury St Edmonds

Our food waste service centres around the removal and recovery of waste food products from factories and manufacturing.

Whether your food manufacturing business in Bury St Edmonds generates 1 pallet of excess or rejected products or a full articulated lorry full.  HazExperts can remove the waste for you and send it on for treatment.

The waste we collect from your business in Bury St Edmonds is sent for treatment at a local anaerobic digestion facility to extract any resources to be converted into energy.

The waste can be in packets, boxes, or in drums and IBCs - HazExperts can come to your business in Bury St Edmonds and have it collected for you with minimal fuss.

HazExperts can collect virtually any kind of food products, ranging from chocolate, breads, cakes, meats to fruit & vegetables and much more.

Our packaged food waste disposal service is available to businesses in Bury St Edmonds and the surrounding areas, and we can offer our customers in Bury St Edmonds collections services on either a scheduled or adhoc basis

To find our how HazExperts can help your food manufacturing business in Bury St Edmonds give us a call and one of our team will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively you can email us at

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