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Paint Waste Disposal

HazExperts offers a collection service of all waste paints, whether these are in tins, bunds or other drums from Biggleswade

Paint can be particularly difficult to dispose of due to the many different kinds of paints available within the industry today.  HazExperts can classify the paint and ascertain any dangerous properties it may have.  From here we can then find an appropriate disposal route for it.

We can dispose of the waste paint from Biggleswade by exchanging your containers that you already have on site or by decanting your containers into ours ready for us to take them away.  We also provide a range of UN approved containers which would be appropriate for all of your waste paint tin storage requirements.

We offer a paint tin disposal service and also a tanker service if you store your waste paint in bulk in Biggleswade

All of the waste we collect from Biggleswade is then taken to a licenced processing plant in the UK to be processed and recycled

This service is available in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas

To discuss your waste paint disposal requirements in Biggleswade, simply email or call us on 0333 880 6991 where one of our team will be happy to help you

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