Pharmaceutical Waste Collection & Disposal in Shrewsbury

pharmaceutical waste disposal

Many healthcare sectors in Shrewsbury will generate an amount of pharmaceutical waste that needs to be destroyed.

This waste needs to be destroyed under strict and complex guidelines to ensure that the waste cannot re-enter the public market.

HazExperts has the capability to collect your pharmaceutical waste from in and around the Shrewsbury area, and have it safely transported to an approved and vetted disposal site in the UK.  We can provide all of the necessary paperwork for a smooth and simple process.

The sectors we can serve for pharmaceutical waste in Shrewsbury  include:

  • Private/Public Hospitals
  • Veterinary Practices
  • High Street Chemists
  • Research & Development Projects
  • Manufacturing & Expired Products
  • Recalled Products
  • Cytotoxic/Cytostatic
  • Controlled Drugs

Our waste pharmaceutical service is available in and around Shrewsbury  and is available on a schedule or on an adhoc basis

If you would like to know more about disposing of your waste pharmaceuticals from Shrewsbury, please email us at and someone will be glad to help

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