Sameday Urgent Courier Service Coventry

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Sameday courier service in Coventry for part, products and all things urgent.

HazExperts may specialise in collecting and disposing of your hazardous and difficult waste in Coventry, but what about all of the streams that are not waste?  Your products, the items you need to get to your customers fast?

HazExperts have now introduced our brand new service, HazExpress.  A service that is dedicated to delivering all things urgent.  Sometimes things get missed and you need to maintain service levels to your customers, sometimes machines break and your customer needs that vital part to fix it.  That is where HazExpress comes in...

Through our extensive experience not only in the waste industry, but also in the transport and logistics trade, HazExpress is the perfect partner for your business in Coventry ensuring that service levels are always maintained.

HazExpress can have a vehicle to your site in Coventry, usually within the hour to collect your items and take it direct to your customer. 

If it is your business in Coventry that needs the urgent items, we can travel to collect it and bring it back to Coventry for you.

We can accommodate loads up to 1300kg via our in house Luton 3.5t vehicles.  These vehicles are equipped with a tail-lift for loading and unloading.

We can also accommodate ADR loads, articulated loads and tankers via or external partner fleet in Coventry.

If you would like to know more on how we can assist the transport operation of your business in Coventry, simply call us on 08453 881429 or email us at


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