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Chemical Disposal and Waste Chemical Clearances in Rugby

HazExperts can come to your site in Rugby to list and classify your waste chemicals ready for disposal.  If your company in Rugby has waste chemicals to be classified and disposed of then HazExperts are the people to call.

Our in house DGSA can advise you on the correct way to dispose of these waste chemicals and any other waste you generate that is classed as dangerous goods for transportation purposes by road.

Our whole process is simple, we come to your site in Rugby, list the chemicals and then provide a quotation for the most compliant and environmentally friendly way for the chemicals to be disposed of.  We can provide packaging solutions for these chemical collections, such as UN approved drums or IBCs so the chemicals are complaint and safe during transport.

All of the waste chemicals collected from your site in Rugby are taken to one of our approved and licenced disposal sites within the UK.  Upon collection, you are provided with a full and in-depth list of every chemical that is collected and he volumes and quantities collected.  This ensures that you can comply with any in-house auditing requirements your organisation has.

We are able to serve many industries in Rugby for chemical collections, these include but are not limited to: Universities, medical labs, research facilities, hospitals, manufacturing and many more

To discuss you waste chemical disposal requirements, simply call us on 08453 881429 or email us at info@HazExperts.co.uk and we will be happy to advise you 


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