WEEE Waste Collection Recycling in Barnsley

WEEE Waste Recycling

In the UK, we throw away over a million tonnes of electrical waste each year. 

This waste in Barnsley cannot be sent to landfill due to the content of hazardous components such as mercury, lead and cadmium just to name a few.

Due to the hazardous content, electrical waste or WEEE waste (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) in Barnsley needs to be dismantled, recycled and where possible reused.

If your item(s) uses a plug, charger or batteries, then the chances are that it can be recycled in some way shape or form.   If your item carries the WEEE wheelie bin logo (a black symbol denoting a crossed out wheelie bin put in place by the EU then that also can be recycled.

There are various streams of WEEE waste, some hazardous to the environment and some not.  HazExperts will utilise our list of approved WEEE disposal and Recycling companies to recycle and re-use as much waste electrical equipment as possible, regardless of their hazardous properties.

We can come to your site in Barnsley and have your WEEE waste collected by one of our vehicles.  We can take a weight of 1300Kgs via our in house service.  Larger volumes of WEEE waste in Barnsley can be accommodated via our partner fleet.

If you have large amount of WEEE and would like to enrol on our WEEE container exchange service - CLICK HERE

Our WEEE waste electrical collection service is available in Barnsley and the surrounding areas

If you would like to know more about our WEEE waste electrical disposal and recycling in Barnsley, simply drop us an email at info@hazexperts.co.uk and one of our team would be happy to discuss your disposal and recycling options with you.

You can now also book your collection from Barnsley online or obtain an instant quotation by clicking the "book online" link below


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