2 'AA' Atex Torch ADR Driver

ADR requirement 1 Torch require by each vehicle crew member 

Any vehicle carrying dangerous goods of class 2 and 3 – The enclosed load compartment must not be entered by persons carrying portable lighting equipment unless it is so designed that it cannot ignite flammable vapours or gases which may be present.

This ATEX torch is designed and rated to meet Class 1, Division 1 of ATEX 95 equipment directive 94/9/EC intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This ATEX torch uses a single LED to provide 65 Lumens of light and is impact resistant to an FL1 standard of 1 meter, it has a built in carabineer belt clip to allow it to be attached to your clothing and a wrist cord so that the torch can be in easy reach at any time.  The torch is of push button operation to make it easy to switch on and off, the body is oil and grease resistant and complies with FL1 standard for submersion up to 1 meter. The lens is shatterproof and the ATEX torch is designed to last 15 years, so will be with you for a long time to come. It is designed to last 21 hours of use from the new batteries supplied and complies with FL1 standard for this purpose. This ATEX torch is powered by 2 x AA batteries that are supplied.

This ATEX torch has the following benefits:

  • Complies with ATEX Directive 94/4/EC Class 1, Division 1
  • CE marked 0539
  • EX marked IM2/!!1G and ia op is I/IIC T4
  • Designed to last 15 years
  • Single LED powered
  • Gives 65 Lumens of light
  • Designed for 21 hours of use with Energizer MAX batteries
  • Designed to be water resistant to a depth of 1 meter
  • Designed to be resistant to a drop from 1 meter.
  • Complies with FL1 standard
  • Supplied with 2 x AA batteries

Dimensions 167 L x 43 Diam mm approximate maximum

Weight 0.09 KG (without batteries)

  • £22.99

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