Cut Off IBC 1000 ltr | Waste storage container

1000ltr Cut Off IBC | Waste Storage Container


Our Cut-Off IBC's are ideal for on site storage.

These Cut-Off IBC's can be static or easily moved with a pallet truck.  They act like a conventional IBC except with an open top.  They are bunded and come with a drainage tap fitted for liquids.

Our Cut-Off IBC's are ideal for the storage of either solids or liquids*.  They also come with the standard frame of a conventional IBC


FREE Mainland England/Wales Shipping on IBCs with a proof of delivery available for all shipments

* - Due to having the tops removed, contrary to popular belief, these IBC's lose their UN approved status.  Therefore we cannot transport dangerous goods using these containers. Also, we cannot transport ANY liquid waste in these containers.  An ideal use for one of these containers if they are being used to transport waste would be for WEEE waste, non-dangerous contaminated rags etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions

  • £165.00

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