Spill Sock x5 Chemical Absorbant Spill Kit

5 x Chemical Absorbant Spill Socks

Highly absorbent all-polypropylene filler & outer socks for absorption of chemical spills. These socks are ideal to stop the spread of liquid across floors. They have a strong outer skin that will not tear to providing stability and prevent movement and spread of liquids.

Each sock is 1.25 meters long and is capable of absorbing 2.5 to 3.5 litres of liquid.

The versatile chemical absorbent socks have a number of applications including:

  • Around machinery to prevent spills from spreading
  • To control a spill
  • To contain a spill
  • To absorb a spill
  • To provide temporary bunding around drums and IBC’s
  • Absorbent socks are an essential part of a spill response plan

Team up these pads with our spill socks, Dammit putty and drain seals to make a very effective spill control kit.

The dimensions of these socks is 1250L x 75Diam mm approximately

Weight 0.33 KG per sock approximately

  • £14.99
  • Save £2

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