5 Chemical Spill Pads, ADR Spill Kit

5 x Chemical Pads - 400x520mm

These Chemical Absorbent Pads or Hazmats are manufactured from highly absorbent melt blown polypropylene. The melt blown fibres are bonded ultrasonically creating a dimpled surface. The bonding process creates a reduced linting product with great tensile strength. Our chemical absorbent pads are 100% melt blown polypropylene and are rapidly absorbent for chemical liquid spills.

Each pad is capable of 0.4 to 0.8 litres of water

  • Excellent fluid retention and absorbency
  • Absorbency to British Standard  BS7959-1:2004
  • Highly visible of pad due to the distinctive colour
  • Have high strength, even when saturated

Our Chemical Pads can be used in a number of ways including:

  • As part of your spill kits and response plan
  • Around baths and chemical reactors as well as general process plants
  • Ideal for wiping down surfaces
  • Useful in laboratories to clean up and collect spills
  • In Chemical storage areas

Team up these pads with our spill socks, Dammit putty and drain seals to make a very effective spill control kit.

Dimension of the pads are 520L x 400W x 2H mm approximately and are perforated down the middle.

Weight 0.033KG per pad approximately 

  • £3.99

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