Boot Cleaning Station

Key Features

  • Uses standard hose pipe fixings
  • Water flows through the brush for ease of use
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fork pockets for easy transportation
  • Lightweight robust plastic sub-frame
  • Finished in bright orange and silver for visibility
  • Integral plumbing system to remove internal water build up
  • Heavy duty galvanised grid
  • 250kg max weight load
  • Co-joining connectors to to extend to a second boot wash

Product description

Boot cleaning stations are idea for environments where high boots are worn and need to be regularly washed. Users simply place their boots onto the grill, turn the tap on and water is delivered through the brush for the removal of mud and debris from the boot sole and upper surfaces to ensure your site buildings are kept clean and safe. The boot station features fork pockets, meaning the until can be moved and re-positioned easily with your forklift. Special connectors gives you the choice to extend to a second boot wash if you wish, from a single water supply.
  • from £872.99
  • Save £22

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