Dammit Putty Sealant - Emergency ADR Container Repair

Dammit Putty 500grms

This 500ml of putty is a great addition to any spill control kit.

It has been developed in conjunction with London Fire Service and for the emergency sealing of leaks from containers that have tears, holes and ruptures.

It is ideally suited to stop liquids including chemicals and oils leaking out of the drums. The surface that it is placed on should be non-flexible. There is no need to premix the product, it can be used straight from the tub, and there is also no need to prepare the surface it is to be attached to.

To use mould the putty into a ball and place firmly over the tear or hole to instantly seal the hole stopping the spread of pollutants. Contents that remains in the damaged container can be transferred to another receptacle, thus saving the wastage of expensive and restricted products.

The putty is designed to:

  • Stop most spills at source
  • Be used on any non-flexible surface
  • Is ready for immediate application
  • Will stay in place for up to 24 hours
  • Be effective down to -20°C
  • Will withstands pressure of up to 0.25 bar
  • Be used on pipes, road tankers, storage tanks, drums, fuel tanks and IBC’s. 

Dimensions 70H x 120Diam mm approximately

Weight 0.57 KG approximately 

  • £6.99

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