Drain Cover/Drain Seals

ADR Requirement - Vehicle carrying dangerous goods of classes 3, 4.1, 4.3, 8 and 9 are required to carry one drain seal per vehicle.

The REGULAR drain cover is 0.6 meters x 0.8 meters, it is supplied in a postal tube that is 685mm long and has a total weight of 1.1 KG

The LARGE drain cover is 1 meter x 1 meter, it is supplied in a postal tube that is 1070mm long and and has a total weight of 1.34 KG

The drain covers are suitable to seal road side drains, it is manufactured from black neoprene rubber to suit the various applications.

Neoprene rubber is a very effective drain seal, to create a good seal it requires to be flat when it is applied to the surface of a drain, drain seals that have been folded for long periods are likely not to unfold easily and may even split along the lines of the fold especially where there are multiple folds.For this reason HazExperts supplies its drain seals in cardboard tubes so that they are kept rolled up ready for use.  

Each drain seal is supplied complete with instructions for use. 

The postal tubes  provide a great method of transportation and storage.

The drain seals can be used in conjunction with our Spill Kit to help contain the spillage and clear away the spill.

Dimensions of Large Tube 1070 L x 81 D mm

Dimensions of Regular Tube 685 L x 67 D mm

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