Large Wheel Chock Holder HGV ADR

HGV Large Wheel Chock & Holder

ADR Requirement - One wheel chock of suitable size to be carried for each transport unit carrying dangerous goods. i.e. tractor unit, trailer, rigid vehicle, be provided with one suitable sized wheel chock.

The large wheel chock is suitable for all sizes of LGV/HGV, it is manufactured from a tough thermoplastic and has a steel insert in the base to prevent slippage on almost every surface. Although it is incredibly durable it still remains light in weight at just over 2 KG, allowing it to be manoeuvred into position easily.  It is yellow in colour making it easily visible in almost every condition.

The chock is homologated to EC DIN 76051-E53

  • Suitable for all sizes of LGV
  • Manufactured from tough thermoplastic
  • Durable
  • Yellow in colour
  • Steel insert to prevent slippage on surface
  • Homologated to EC DIN 76051-E53

Dimensions 471 L x 196 W x 230 H approximately

Weight 2 KG approximately

The Wheel Chock Holder

This large wheel chock holder is an ideal storage method for our large wheel chocks. It can be fixed to the vehicle and will hold our large wheel chock securely in position. The wheel chock holder is manufactured from tough thermoplastic so it’s never going to rust and will last for many years to come.

  • Ideal storage for large wheel chock
  • Manufactured from tough thermoplastic
  • Long lasting

Dimensions 253 L x 192 W x 232 H approximately

Weight 0.5 KG approximately 

  • £39.99
  • Save £2

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