Label Holder 250 x 250 For Aluminium Label Plate

ADR requirement - This sign must be displayed on all vehicles carrying more than 8,000 kilo of dangerous goods in limited quantities. One sign is required on the front and rear from 1 January 2011, unless the vehicle is carrying a dangerous goods load and therefore displaying orange plates.

This plate and holder arrangement above allows one label to be used many times simply by inserting and removing the panel as required, not only does this make the labelling more economical but it makes the removal of labels when not required so much easier. 

The holder is fitted with a retention device which holds the plate in place but allows easy removal when not required.

When your vehicle is not carrying dangerous goods simply turn the plate around so the label side is not shown.

This system can be used with any vehicle label marking. 

The plate holder has 2 predrilled mounting holes for ease of installation.
The plate holder is manufactured from stainless steel for longer life.

      Plate Dimensions 250 x 250mm approximately
      Plate Weight 0.11KG approximately
      Plate Holder Dimensions     approximately
    Plate Holder Weight 0.48KG approximately 
  • £14.99

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