Reflective Self Standing Warning Triangle

ADR requirement - 2 self-standing warning triangles, or other similar warning devices, per vehicle.

Self-standing warning triangle to warn approaching drivers of the hazard that is ahead of them.

Sturdy four footed design that folds neatly into its plastic storage case.

This warning triangle folds neatly down into a compact storage case allowing your ADR kit to fit into a compact space.

This collapsible warning triangle isn’t just for use in ADR kits but a great accessory to any motoring emergency breakdown kit. It can be stowed neatly in your car glove box for ease of access, or in the boot so it’s out of the interior of the car but available in emergencies.

A warning triangle is required to be carried in a vehicle by law in most European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Austria. In Spain you are required to carry two warning triangles in your vehicle by law.

It is advised that you place the warning triangle 45 meters behind the vehicle on the same side of the road as the stationary vehicle, to ensure other road users are warned in sufficient advance of the forthcoming hazard, especially if on a single carriage way where other users will be required to manoeuvre around your stationary vehicle and possibly onto the other side of the carriage way.

When your vehicle is ready to be driven or removed from the road, take great care when retrieving the warning triangle. When safe to do so simply fold the triangle into its storage case.

  • This warning triangle conforms to ECE R27 
  • Self standing
  • Compact folding case
  • Folding design
  • 4 footed

Dimensions of the storage case is 440 x 50 x 35 mm approximately

Dimension of triangle when erected is 600W x 700L base by 425H approximately

Weight 0.42 KG approximately

  • £6.99

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