Orange ADR Plate Self Adhesive 120 x 300mm

Self Adhesive Orange ADR Plate 120x300mm

ADR Requirement - All vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages above the load threshold must display a hazchem orange plate of size 300 x 400 mm that is reflective and weather resistant, the plate shall not become detached from its mount in the event of 15 minutes engulfment of fire. The plate is required to be attached to the front and rear of the vehicle.

These plates must only be used on small vehicles where space is restricted and only applicable for vehicles less than 3500KG. This self adhesive highly reflective orange panel is a great alternative to a fixed plate. This plate is self-adhesive and should only be applied to surfaces that will not be damaged, the adhesive bond will be quite strong and removal after use is not always easy.

No drilling or screwing is required to affix this to the vehicle. These panels are aimed at the intermittent user or when dangerous goods are carried in a hired vehicles, where fitting standard orange plates would be unacceptable.This plate will not meet fire engulfment stipulations of the ADR regulations.These plates should only be seen as a temporary alternative to fixed plates.Dimensions 120H x 300W mm approximately. Weight 0.250 KG approximately 

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