Towcester Domestic Fridge & Freezer Disposal | Collection In Towcester

We have now launched our new domestic fridge and freezer recycling service in Towcester. This service covers postcode NN12

Simply click on the book now and complete the order through our secure checkout.  We aim to collect all fridges from our customers in Towcester within 48 working hours 

All fridges from our customers in Towcester must have the compressor attached and be free of any contamination, such as perishable goods.  Should we arrive and any of the above clauses are not adhered to we reserve the right to abort the collection and no refund will be given, please bear this in mind when booking.

All collections come with duty of care paperwork showing company details and disposal details and credentials, this will be delivered to you digitally as soon as the fridge is collected.

The fridges we collect from our customers in Towcester are recycled and shredded for new products conforming to our company goal of zero waste to landfill.

This service applies to DOMESTIC fridge & freezer collections in Towcester only, please contact us to discuss any commercial requirements from businesses in Towcester. 

If you have any questions, please simply call us on 0333 880 6991






  • £45.00

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