Wheel Chock - Small

ADR Requirement - One wheel chock of suitable size to be carried for each transport unit carrying dangerous goods. i.e. tractor unit, trailer, rigid vehicle, be provided with one suitable sized wheel chock.

This small wheel chock is suitable for vehicles up to a maximum gross weight of 3.5 tonnes.

It has an integrated handle for ease of use and a high-grip design to help prevent your vehicle from rolling on a slope. It is made from tough moulded plastic with ridges to help keep the chock located on almost all surfaces and tyres. It offers a high degree of traction between the tyre and surface without damaging the tyre.

This wheel chock is ideal for many uses not just as part of an ADR kit, it’s small enough to stow almost anywhere and could be used for small trailers, light aircraft, caravans, trailer tents and camper vans.

These are not intended to be used for levelling a vehicle when parked but to minimise movement when stationary.

  • Suitable for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Integrated handle
  • High grip design
  • Manufactured from tough thermoplastic
  • Ideal for use in ADR kit

Dimensions of the wheel chock is 170L x 71W x 106H mm approximately

Weight 0.25 KG approximately 

  • £3.99

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