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How Can I Dispose of Asbestos Waste?

Asbestos disposal has been on the rise ever since it was banned in being used in the construction of buildings in the UK

What we are finding is that as buildings are being demolished or refurbished this nasty material is rearing its ugly head on a regular basis.  Most companies will arrange to have asbestos disposed of in the correct compliant and legal manner -  however some do not!

This has lead to a stark rise in the instances of fly tipped waste that we are being called out to clear on behalf of councils and other public service companies.

We offer numerous solutions when it comes to disposing of asbestos waste, these are:

  • We can arrange to have an enclosed Skip or RORO delivered to your site for your operatives to fill, and then have it collected or exchanged when the project is completed or the container is full
  • We can deliver an appropriate container such as an enclosed skip or RORO and we can have the driver wait on site whilst the waste is loaded - we then take it away to be disposed of at our selected approved disposal site in the UK
  • We also offer fly tipped waste clearances - these are mostly on behalf of local councils or facilities management companies.  All we need are photos and location and we can send a team in to have the area cleared up and the waste disposed of as it should
  • We offer these services for both bonded and fibrous asbestos

Whatever happens, asbestos should only be handled and moved by trained personnel.  Asbestos is a very dangerous material and unprotected exposure has been attributed to diseases and conditions such as Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and Asbestos related lung cancer.

If you need asbestos clearing or need to arrange for a skip or RORO service, simply give us a call and we can take care of it all

If you prefer you can request a quote by emailing us at

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