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Clinical Waste Services | Nationwide to Hospitals, Care Homes & Other Medical Institutions

Clinical waste collection services were in the news at the start of the year, even 6 months on we are still receiving enquiries from customers wanting to switch from their current supplier, whether that be due to charges, contracts, missed collections or one reason or another.

Clinical waste is almost a taboo subject that people seem to forget about - you go to a hospital and it never dawns how much waste is produced there. Times that by all of the hospitals in the UK and that is an almighty amount of waste.  Add to this the GP surgeries, the care homes, the pharmacies - the amount is phenomenal.

When you think of hazardous waste, you don't always think of clinical waste, what do you do with it, how can I get a service that offers me collections and flexibility without breaking the bank?

Starting from June 2019, HazExperts will be offering clinical waste services across the UK, thanks to our selected partners.  We will be offering great rates and flexible contracts to take away the burden of you having to worry about it

To find out about our clinical waste services for hospitals, GP surgeries or care homes or to obtain a quotation, simply email us at or feel free to call us on 08453 881429


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