Collection: Spill Kits and Emergency Supplies

Distributing spill kits and emergency supplies, specialising in driver and vehicle safety, complying with ADR. Spill Kits & absorbants despatched from UK  Fast shipping across the UK
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  • ADR Spill Kit With Dammit Putty
  • 5 x Chemical Absorbant Spill Socks
  • Dammit Putty 500grms
  • 5 x Chemical Pads - 400x520mm
  • Drain Cover/Drain Seals
  • ADR Spill Kit
  • 240Ltr Emergency Spill Kit With Storage Bin
  • 30Ltr Emergency Spill Kits | Multipack of 5
  • 25Ltr Vessel Containment Sump Units
  • Absorbant Socks Universal 70 Ltr Pack of 20
  • Drum Spill Containment Cabinet
  • Boot Cleaning Station