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Over 3 million fridges and refrigerants units are disposed of within the UK each year!

If you require a collection from a domestic residence please click here

We operate a collection and recycling service in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas

Fridge units are classed as hazardous waste due to their contents such as CFC gases and they need specialist treatment.  As well as the hazardous components, there are also a large amount of recoverable materials within these units.

HazExperts can come to your business or location in Milton Keynes and collect you fridge and take it to one of our processing sites

Once the fridges are taken to our disposal partner, they are treated and recycled in the correct way.  We give you paperwork to complete the audit trail to say that they have been received by the facility and they will be recycled in the proposed way.

We can collect one fridge or a complete articulated lorry load from your site in Milton Keynes - we can also mix the load with other refrigerant items such as air conditioning units or freezer wall panels.

We can usually have your redundant fridges collected from Milton Keynes within 5 working days

To talk to someone about our fridge and refrigerant recycling service in Milton Keynes, simply contact us either by telephone or if you would prefer, simply email us at

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